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Manchester United: Not For The Faint At Heart

By Rasmus Lukunka

Football is an emotional sport. The highs and lows are experienced on the pitch, in the stands and on TV. Manchester United is the king of provoking emotions. To their fans, the rollercoaster usually ends on a high; the most recent during and after their well-deserved victory against Manchester City.

To rival fans – hate, jealousy, envy and anger are more familiar emotions when Man Utd springs to mind, especially when we snatch victory by a goal, a bunch of goals or simply a professional display. At the end of the day, it’s usually maximum points in the bag of emotions!

This season alone, United have won more than 15 matches after trailing at the start of the season. While most have doubted the stability of United’s defense, results have continued to go in their favour. Three points is three points. We are comfortably sitting at the summit of the table and six points above City who sit in second place. United are entering the festive season in great form. Rival teams like Manchester City and Chelsea are struggling to find consistency.

League Table
Top of the League

Emotions are riding high at Old Trafford and rightfully so because Wayne Rooney is hitting top form at just the right time. RVP is consistent with goals galore. Chicharito and Welbeck are the best subs in England and Jones, Smalling and Vida are back! Competition for places is at a premium. Yet, you’re not seeing United players storming off and “mean muggin” Sir Alex following substitutions.

It’s no wonder Theo Walcott is keen on joining the United. Would you blame him? I certainly wouldn’t. He’s certainly one player who hasn’t yet fulfilled his full potential. He’s seen the success and positive contributions made by RVP. But even more importantly he’s witnessed passion, intensity, a will-to-win, a portrait of victory and adoration from the loyal fans.

But emotion can’t be bought. It’s priceless. It can’t assemble in a season or two and expect to be sustained. Culture has a big influence on emotions and United’s culture is about winning. It’s about team spirit. It’s about failure to accept defeat, even when trailing by a margin of 6 – 1.

United is about pride. It’s about joy. It’s about high standards. It’s about thrills. It’s about the highs and the lows…and it never gets old or grows tired. That is the emotion of Manchester United.

Wayne Rooney
Emotional Ups

About the Author: Rasmus Lukunka was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia and has been living in the United States since 1996. He’s been a keen follower of the English Premier League since its inception.Rasmus has been a contributor to OldTrafford.com since November, 2011. He has also worked with several local newspapers and sports affiliate websites to promote the game of Football(Soccer) in the United States.

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